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Energy Efficiency

Africa is a Power Station. The intensity of the african sun is ideal for limitless solar energy, hence our mission is the harnessing, conversion, effective utilisation and storage of the sun’s limitless energy.

Optimising energy consumption is key to a sustainable building. We specialise in commercial and industrial energy saving auditing and EPC project delivery.

The easiest way to counter energy cost increases is to save energy. In South Africa the drive to save energy is on domestic savings (16% of usage) and lighting, while the bulk of the savings potential is in the industrial and commercial environment (over 70% of usage).  We offer Commercial clients tailor made solutions on renewable energy and efficiency EPC projects

Optimising energy

“The hot water market constitutes approximately 30% of the South African energy consumption in the combined domestic , commercial and industrial sectors.” Eskom website on energy consumption

“South Africa’s water heating load is primarily electricity and there would be great benefits in freeing up electrical capacity if electric geysers could be replaced with solar equivalents” Eskom website on energy consumption

The world uses over 21 Billion Kwh of electricity per year. At the same time the earth receives an average 164 watts of solar energy per square meter within a 24hour day,

That equates to 84 Billion Kwh per day. We have all the energy we need
•The world needs 21 Billion Kwh per YEAR
•The sun gives the world 84 Billion Kwh per DAY

Power Storage Solutions

Driven by better battery technology and the challenges of grid-connected solar systems, off-grid solar is the most advisable solution in the current renewables legislative and commercial environment.
Lithium-ion batteries are a superior technology compared to the lead-acid batteries : they last longer, are more compact, more efficient, easier to maintain, and comparatively more sustainable.

Residential Solar Energy Systems

The sun is the most powerful energy source, the energy that it provides to the Earth for one hour, could meet the global energy needs for one year.
Residential Energy Solutions 
•Integrated home solutions – heat pump, pool pump, solar geyser, PV solar energy and battery storage
•Solar energy systems don’t require a lot of maintenance
•Residential complexes and flats solutions

Solar Application Solutions & Products

•Solar Street lights & Mast lighting
•Solar Powered Billboard lighting
•Solar powered Borehole pumps systems
•Solar Pump Station solutions
•Products & Accessories
•Solar PV Panels
•Inverter range
•Cell phone charger kits
•Surveillance camera solar power