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About SOSCall24

SOSCall24 is specialist supplier andinstaller of residential and commercial plumbing, electrical and building maintenance solutions.

SOSCall24(Pty) Ltd is a Level 01 BBBEE 100% black owned and operated home assistance & maintenance services company

HomeCare Operations
•SoSCall24 Branches – Plumbing and Electrical field agents
•Building maintenance and specialized service providers

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SOSCall24 Team




SOSCall24 has build a strong capability in contact center solutions through our technology and experienced staff.

  • Incident & emergency end to end management

  • Telesales, Campaigns & Client care solutions

SOSCall24(Pty) field teams of artisans and service providers deliver a national operations capability for our HomeCare solutions

  • 24 Employees.

  • 7 direct national operations branches in key urban centres

  • High availability contact centre

  • Plumbing & electrical artisan learnership development programme

  • 140+ specialised service providers managed for end to end solution delivery